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              Guangzhou Tong Yi logo Technology Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 2003, adhering to the "quality first, customer first" business purpose. The main business is VIIJET Wei Yi Jie, markem.imaje Ma Ken. Imam, Willett Wiley, alphaJET German KBA, road song and other brands, laser marking machine, laser marking machine, spray machine consumables and so on. Provide system identification solutions for food, beverage, building materials, daily chemicals, electronics, auto parts and other industries. And it is the first company in China to provide multi brand printer service at the same time. Its "VIIJET" brand spray machine consumables (ink, diluent, cleaning agent) are suitable for the current market Domino (DOMINO), IMAJE, Hitachi (HITACHI), leading new Da Jia (LINX), Japan KGK and so on. The spray code consumables Commission is produced by the original brand inkjet printer manufacturer, and the product quality is guaranteed. And through the EU's environmental RoHS certification, after many years of customer certification, products fully meet the industry standards and customer requirements, won the trust and praise of customers.

              Guangzhou Tong Yi logo Technology Co., Ltd. provides a system identification scheme for customers with quality products, reasonable prices and fast service.

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